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UV printing allows us to combine the latest technology, art and nature. Thanks to us you will create a unique work, and the UV printing method guarantees high quality and resistance to adverse conditions.


Designing and interior design, furniture, furniture fronts, countertops and everything that is made of wood can be printed directly by us.

Milled wood is not a problem because our experienced graphic designers will adapt the project to a custom or specially cut piece of wood.

Direct UV Printing guarantees the print quality for years and very good color reproduction so that the graphics applied to the wood will look amazing.


Do you want to print a photo of your loved one on wood?

With us, make a loved one an amazing gift in the form of a portrait on wood.

Icon Printing

Religious image with direct UV print. Icons on wood like hand-painted. Replace ordinary sacred images with wooden icons with the images of saints.

Furniture fronts

Refresh your furniture with direct printing. Print graphics or one color on your furniture fronts.

Custom designs and sizes

Countless printing possibilities on various wooden boxes. The maximum print area is WARNING !!! 3m x 2m

Print on thick material

Max. the printed material is up to 10 cm . The graphics on such thick material do not crease and look very solid. The wood can be printed on all sides, e.g. a cube with 5 cm edges


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