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UV printing

Innovative UV printing method that faithfully reproduces the original and provides an attractive appearance and unique space design.

Thanks to the UV technology used, the colors are very durable, bright and do not fade at al

Printing resistant to adverse conditions and temperature change.

UV technology enables printing on panels:

  • glass
  • wood
  • plexi
  • PVC boards
  • dibondach
  • MDF
  • cardboard
Application examples:
  • panels between cabinets in the kitchen read more
  • table top or furniture front (possibility of making holes for electrical sockets)
  • wall of the shower cabin read more
  • wall separating the zone in the office
  • tables read more
  • door
  • baby cot read more
  • original PVC tiles
  • control panel printing read more
  • and many others……..

Transport and assembly abroad are not a problem for us.

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